Mobile App Users Are More Loyal than Mobile Website Visitors

MAAThe fact that mobile app users are more loyal than mobile web visitors probably won’t come as a surprise to many. After all, app users have to like your business enough to download your app in the first place. Nonetheless, it’s still useful to get the confirmation, especially since it comes along with a number of other useful tidbits of information in a post recently published over at the Adobe’s Digital Marketing blog.

Consider these facts:

App sessions are 3-4 times longer than mobile website visits. This is likely due to the different purposes for each type of activity. Mobile websites are used primarily for obtaining information quickly – for doing things like looking up addresses and phone numbers – while apps are launched for more time-intensive activities. When it comes to small business marketing, this means that you shouldn’t expect mobile website visitors to stick around for very long. App users, on the other hand, are likely more predisposed to spend time and listen to marketing messages.

Apps are used 2 times more often than mobile websites. The robust functions offered by apps lead to many more chances for use, as opposed to mobile websites, which tend to be used primarily for referencing. Thus, the average business’s app is used twice as often as its mobile website.

App usage time exceeds mobile web visit time by 100 minutes each month. This lets us know what all that extra time actually accumulates to. Quite a staggering number, when you think about it. Consumers actually spend hours more with apps, when all is told. This means that a business’s mobile website is there for a quick glance, while its app is for actually doing things.

When it comes to types of apps, financial apps (e.g. personal banking apps) are the most frequently opened, at an average of more than nine times per month. Travel apps, however, are used the longest (22 minutes per session, on average). In terms of platforms, Android apps are used 40% more often, but iOS apps are used twice as long (about 19 minutes per session, on average).

The upshot of all this data, as Adobe notes, is that mobile apps and mobile websites are both needed – it isn’t an either/or proposition. And multiple platforms are also needed, when it comes to apps, given the sizes of the iOS and Android audiences.

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