The Many Benefits of Mobile for Small Businesses

MyAffordableApp030614Many small businesses are happily ignoring the need to produce a mobile-optimized website.

But if they knew how much revenue they were losing, they probably wouldn’t be so happy.

Go on, take a guess. How much is the lack of mobile websites costing small businesses each year?

A million?

No. Too small.

A billion? That’s a big number, right?

Nope. Wrong again!

A trillion? It’s not a trillion-dollar loss, is it?

Ding, ding, ding! Yes, it is!

Small businesses lose about a trillion dollars each year by not having mobile-optimized websites. Most of the losses are due to local shoppers having bad experiences on non-optimized websites and avoiding the businesses that give them a hard time online. The data show that mobile searchers tend to be ready to make a purchase and visit a local business, but that bad websites interrupt their trip. If more small businesses had mobile-optimized websites, they would earn more revenue from mobile searchers.

Simple, right?

Well, that’s only the beginning of the benefits that mobile technology can bring to a small business. Here are a few other major benefits that have more small businesses going mobile every day:

Efficient mobile payments

Plugging sales into desktop software, generating invoices, mailing them out, chasing delayed payments, and all the clunky processes of yesteryear can be eliminated for many small businesses, now that mobile payments are fully developed. With a Square card reader, anyone can take a credit card payment through their mobile device. And with PayPal, anyone can send an electronic invoice instantaneously from any location. Mobile technology is making payments incredibly efficient.

Remote-accessible, cloud-based operations

Why download and manage your own IT solutions when cloud-based providers have developed such excellent solutions? Of course, for some businesses, a custom-tailored program is important. But for the majority of small businesses, apps that can be used on any mobile device will work just fine.

Once operations are mobile, business can be conducted and managed any time, any place. Mobile frees everything up and removes needless limitations on your business.

Customer-friendly mobile apps

More and more, when a customer is a fan of a business, they’re coming to expect to be able to download its app. Apps let customers learn of new specials, deals, and events, help them connect with other customers in fan communities, allow them to submit mobile orders, and lots more.

Years ago, a fan of a business would sign up for a mailing list. Nowadays, they want much richer connections. And if your willing, give your customers a business app to them, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

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